Sunday, March 07, 2004

Well, Purim is over but for no Tachanun tomorrow. It wasn't bad, y'know? Ate at the Penns Shabbos, which was all good. They came by with Shalach Manos today. Of course, we disconnect our doorbell on Purim, so Raizel knew to call ahead. They were dressed as M&Ms- the cartoon character kind. Very cute. I even got to do the actual mitzvah by handing him some of our stuff.

We had the long-lost relations- a cousin of my mother and his ladyfriend- over for the seudah. Also very nice. The women of the family, as always, went all out with the food. Oh my.

You know, nothing about the people above (really), but I'm beginning to wonder about private or potentially embarrassing information on blogs (especially about me). Either I rid this page of personal details, adopt pseudonyms, or be discrete. For now, I'll try the last.

Spent the next hour or so ironing my shirts. Listened to a Jack Benny show while doing it. The singer sang a song about loving someone who doesn't love back, loving from afar, not being able to make someone love you, and wanting permission to dream. It got me right here.

OK, enough personal stuff. Showered and turning in soon (tired). Alias is cool, but only if I don't try to figure out the MacGuffin.

TWoP Forums are down. Yuck.

I'd like to add links, a comments option, etc., but I'm not too good on HTML. Give me time.

See y'all tomorrow, here and elsewhere!

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