Friday, March 26, 2004

Hey! Just checking in. The dinner last night was magnificient. I am so glad I went. I saw Rabbi Hecht, and Rabbi Handel, and many others, and got to say hi to all. I even spoke to Mrs. Jesselson (the big donor and honoree), telling her my father worked for her late husband and sent his fondest regards. And, of course, I congratulated Mrs. Levitt. She gave a great speech- she even mentioned students dressing as Ophelia, which I did. The food was fantastic, and they gave out goodies too. It was full of people, and even the speeches weren't bad. God bless YUHS- as Norman Abrams, the registrar of days past, woould say, "It's a school for schools."

There's a Carlebach davening at the Barris's tonight! And cousin Craig will be by on his way back to California from Israel! And Rabbi Leiman has a shiur! And I'm going to meet this new gal this weekend! I should be dead tired, but I'm really looking forward to this Shabbos.

You know, I had some rants and links, but who cares? Let's all be happy.

Shabbat Shalom, all.

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