Thursday, March 11, 2004

Steven Weiss, of Protocols, has an article in the Forward today (registration required, see the top of his blog) about Marc Shapiro's book and the response to it. Among other gems? The Boro Park Eichler's returned all but one (!) of the copies it had due to "community pressure," but it's selling well at the Flatbush branch. (Apparently, the latter is under separate ownership- I always wondered why the card of the Manhattan store lists it, but not the B.P. one.) I seem to be saying this a lot lately, but yuck.

I also see, from Protocols as well, that the Skverrer embezzeler is dead in jail. I wonder if the Rebbe will mention it on his visit to my neighborhood this week. I don't plan on finding out. The posters heralding this great event actually read "Ki gadol bekirbeich kedosh yisrael." Of course, Yeshaya is talking about God there, but Chassidim (and Charedim in general, and Boro Park) are known to be crazy. See how it all ties together? You can refer to a human in divine terms, but Marc Shapiro's book is assur. Violations of the Ani Maamins are allowed only by some.

Of course, the signs say "Queens Welcomes." As my brother's chavrusah puts it, "I didn't welcome him!"

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