Friday, March 19, 2004

I went to the TWOP reading last night, and it rocked. Three of the writers for the site- djb, Sars, and Miss Alli- read from their stuff. You can find links to what they read here (too lazy to post all that).

The place was packed to the gills- I could barely get in the door. But it was a good time.

Ah, but this is Lammpost, so there has to be a rant, right? Of course.

The bar where it was held is called "KGB." There was a large Soviet flag over the bar, and the walls were covered with propaganda pictures of Lenin, workers, etc. etc. This is a big pet peeve of mine- Communism has killed over 100 million people and counting, after all. Sure, the argument goes, but this is kitsch, plain and simple. Perhaps so- if not for a few inconvenient facts:

-Can you imagine a bar called "SS" adorned with swastikas and pictures of Hitler? Nazis are about as far left-wing as Communists, but popular belief says otherwise- and you'd never see something like that.

-Many of these people are actual Communists, or Socialists, or something close. They still haven't learned the lesson. (Come to think, they'd never make a bar called "GOP" with pictures of Reagan and American flags, unless it was "kitsch," but their sympathies here are with the exhibits.) We've never had "de-Communist" programs like there was "de-Nazification" after World War II.

Reading David Frum this morning, I thought of another point- he points out how Spain's new Prime Minister is publicly hoping Kerry will win this year (he actually expects him to, probably believing the anti-Bush propaganda that passes for "news" in Europe). Frum suggests it has to do with Europe wanting to be at the center of things again. I have a further point- Socialists have always been about internationalism. Rush Limbaugh recently wondered how Americans could not place America first. Easy- they're Socialists (Democrats), and feel more sympathy with like-minded people around the world, in addition to the fact that they're uncomfortable asserting the greatness of their own country.

Perhaps we need a Right International. There is a movement like that, but I think it needs to be stronger. Diplomacy aside, people should be allowed to say, "I think that the Tories should win tomorrow" or something. As icing on the cake, they'd be better allies of the US anyway. As much as the Forward accuses Bush, cutely, of not supporting democracy in Spain (because he disapproves of the results of the election) when he ostensibly does in Iraq, Bush has never said anything of the sort. Perhaps he should. Perhaps he- or someone else- should say, "Yes, this is bad. It's a victory for the terrorists, the other party was on our side, and, besides, socialism is just plain bad."

Anyway. It'll be a long road. On my way down 4th Street heading home, I passed a nice little Irish place with an American flag out front. It was a nice antidote, especially seeing it in that neighborhood. I wish I could've gone in and had something, but it was late, and, more importantly, I was alone. Another time. I did go into Tower Records and get a Python CD (the only one I didn't own already) dirt cheap- less than the label, which was low already. I pondered getting an Allan Sherman "Best of" as well- maybe if they're slicing prices, I'll pick it another time. The music business must be in bad shape.

And so home, and so to bed, as Samuel Pepys would say.

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