Thursday, March 04, 2004

Hey, this is fun. More blogging, then!

Jason, a coworker of mine, stopped by. Great guy, but he's usually in another office. He took in the view from my office window (I overlook a side street in Midtown Manhattan, right off Fifth Avenue), and, spying an attractive woman in the building across the way, we had a nice conversation about "Rear Window," one of my favorite movies.

"Ms. Torso," a tall, blonde, attractive dancer, spends the movie running around her apartment in her undies, ogled by Jimmy Stewart (who seems not to notice that Grace Kelly- Grace Kelly, for God's sake- is throwing herself at him) and every other guy around. She has guys coming over, etc. etc. Then, at the very end, her boyfriend comes home from the army. He's, well, not tall, blonde, and attractive. First words out of his mouth: "The Army's made me hungry! What's in the icebox?" Heh.