Monday, March 29, 2004

Jack Valenti is retiring as head of the Motion Picture Association of America. In his farewell speech Thursday, he said, "I have never ceased fighting to make sure that every creative film artist can tell the story as they choose to tell it without any fear that the government would intervene or interrupt or make them stand mute."

Purely out of curiosity, Mr. Valenti, you Johnson-administration-paranoid-liberal-introduced-by-Warren-Beatty you, has the government, in the course of your tenure, ever even attempted such a thing?

Here's another winner from this genius: "Those 45 words that comprise the Constitution is the one clause that guarantees all the others."

Of course, he means "the First Amendment," which he referred to a line before. But it's a telling slip- to these people, the Constitution is what they like. Of course, being an Amendment, it can't "guarantee" the rest of the Constitution- the original seven articles existed before it. But don't try explaining that to this history expert and constitutional scholar.

Speaking of geniuses, WCBS radio just had a breathless report of security being stepped up at synagogues because of the approaching "Jewish high holidays." HA!

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