Monday, August 02, 2004

Happy Tu B'Av!

In honor of the day, and the YUWO invite, I wonder what questions shadchanim would have had to ask back in the First Bayis period:

-Do you plan on sacrificing your firstborn to Molekh?

-When was the last time you brought an offering to Asherah?

Fortunately, it seems there were no shadchanim then.

Birthday went great, by the way. In the words of his fiancee, my brother is "gorgeous." (Apparently, that's Brit-speak for "terrific.") I got an amazing gift from him, cards from my sister and parents (they bought a talking one in England featuring "Basil Fawlty" and the Mrs. giving birthday wishes), e-cards, phone messages...the works. I've got a good circle of friends.

We tend to have lots of birthdays cakes among the Lamms. I was wondering when one would show up during the Friday night meal- they come out as a surprise- but was still taken off-guard. And then, another during the day! Wow. That was a surprise.

I've got some rants, but they can wait.

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