Thursday, July 29, 2004

Good Times, Good Times

First: Mr. Brosnan, say it ain't so. Say it's a negotiating ploy or something. We need one more Bond movie out of you. Just one, at least. Casino Royale, as Tarantino wants? Why not? It'd have a nice symmetry.

My college roommate's sister's name was Margarita (in Polish). She wasn't frozen, though- she was very nice. Frozen margaritas, on the other hand, can be very nice as well...

Where was I? Oh, yes. My birthday is Saturday! Yay! There's a longstanding tradition- I could go back and count the cards if you want to know how many years- of my ("younger"- older than me, but younger of two) sister giving me a Peanuts card. And although she's in Israel now, a card showed up in the mail yesterday. A very nice card, and a Hebrew Daf Hashavua, and a nice message...she's such a sweetie. As are my other two siblings (and parents, come to think), who I know have plans as well. Family is the most important thing, you know. And we've got these nice traditions in ours. I have to be alert Friday night, but know I'll forget. Maybe I'll report more Sunday. Anyway, being a bad brother, I finally got around to writing to her there only now. Email makes it so easy- why shouldn't we be in touch?

Also got some DVDs I ordered, and some Glarkware (more of both expected, though), and three magazines I was expecting- hit the jackpot, as my father would say. (Although: Mr. Feulner should show that "Useful Idiot" is a term from history and its use does not equate to someone using the word "idiot" as an insult. Furthermore, he tries to show that "there are baddies on each side" by comparing similar language used on both sides, but hey- sometimes one side is right and one side is wrong, you know? I'm sure he does.)

Well, the Forward features the pre-bat mitzvah (but somehow already twelve- I know, I know) "Kid for Kerry" founder on its cover. So predictable (I mean that it'd be a kike, among other things). So disgusting.

Oh- and she's "preternaturally self-possessed." Kids who are described like that need a slap upside their heads.

In better political news, John Derbyshire put me up on The Corner again, as his favorite post on a subject. Yay! again. (Speaking of The Corner, K-Lo calls Ms.  Preternatural "Little Orphan Annie"- only seeing the Forward cover do I get it, as I've been avoiding convention coverage outside of NR and Rush and links from them, like Jonah Goldberg on USA Today and Drudge- and bets she'll be a conservative in ten years. Her post above that one makes a good point too.

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