Friday, July 09, 2004

It occurs to me that Bush really doesn't care about the politics of it all. I was just asked to say something negative about Edwards. Well, sure, there's lots I could say, but one important thing that's been noted is how political the pick was, there not to add anything that Kerry lacks, but simply to add more political appeal. Bush, of course, picked Cheney specifically to add heft to his administration, and was pilloried for it, as if there was something wrong with that. And he's holding on to Cheney, despite all these irrational attacks and hatred. And furthermore, that means the Republicans won't have an automatic "heir" to run four years from now. But Bush, bless his innocent soul, seems to simply be in this to do a good job, not score political points. It's a disadvantage, sure, and I wish he might be just a wee bit otherwise, but it's one big reason to like him.

Have a Shabbat Shalom and a good weekend, all.


Anonymous said...

then why is his website full of nothing but big bold negative anti kerry crap?
he is running a very dirty campaign.
log in to the kerry page, you see nothing negative, you dont even see the word bush.
W has nothing to run on except bashing his opposition.

Nachum said...

Interesting. When I walk down the street and see Kerry people, their constant clogan is "defeat Bush," not "elect Kerry."

Your post is a classic example of seeing exactly the opposite of the truth.

Anonymous said...

Of course Cheney is a political pick. Without him, Bush would not have the heft of knowledge on his staff. He would lose credibility, since he himself had very little, especially before he was elected. Also, Cheney's political advantage is not necessarily in his personality, but in his connection to Bush Sr., and the experience that implied. That enabled Bush Jr. to run his campaign so effectively the first time round.