Thursday, July 08, 2004

The Four Chaplains

Last night, I stopped by the bookstore to look up a new book about the Four Chaplains. (Amazon also lists a novel based on the story, and a related book.) I knew the story and most of the details already, but it never fails to get to me, even reading it online. This book is quite good- the author seems to specialize in books about ship sinkings where there weren't rescues for tactical reasons, and so focuses on that as well, but he presents a good overall picture. Here are a couple of other sites on the Chaplains. More people should know their story.

-The story.

-The "official" site (for want of a better term).

-On the special medal.

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Menachem Butler said...

there have been many Chaplains during WW2 whose stories have not yet been told... this book is excellent in that it will show that there is a forum for people to explore these stories... may it be the first of many more!