Friday, July 30, 2004

DNC Over...

People should wonder: Whenever Kerry talks about "restoring credibility," he means, essentially, doing things other countries (well, the French and German governments, not to mention North Korea, Iran, etc.) will approve of. A problem- one of many- with this is that it denies American exceptionalism, a key feature of this country since it was first settled. Yes, we are better than most (all?) other countries. What we do is just plain right. Others should imitate us. And Democrats feel uncomfortable with that idea.

"Why doesn't Madonna convert to Judaism?" the kikes ask. Simple. She has no idea she's doing anything remotely related to Judaism (is she?), just some idea called "Kabbalah."

The YU Women's Organization is getting into the shidduch business- I got my invite for a buffet dinner (a number are being held) yesterday. They actually ask for "level of religious observance." Oh, Lord. Well, we'll see. End the Madness has interesting plans too.

Hmmm. The Sars reading. Hmmm.

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