Monday, July 19, 2004

"Life Goes On, Man." - The Dude

And so it does, late-night troubling phone conversations and subsequent inability to sleep aside. Speaking of the Dude, I really want to go to the NY Lebowski Fest.
I don't expect extensive American Jewish histories to mention Kahane and the JDL, and don't blame them if they don't, but the official 350th anniversary timeline does! Whoo-hoo!
The Jewish Defense League is established in New York City in response to what its founder Rabbi Meir Kahane sees as a rise in anti-Semitism. Two years later, the JDL is condemned for sitting in at the New York Federation and demanding $6,000,000 for Jewish education.

Did they really have to throw in the editorial comment about "condemned?" Why just say what they did? Besides, who, exactly, "condemned?" I'm sure some people approved. The Federation- which partially runs the official site- might have, but still.

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