Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Jains and Jews

You know, I'll get to the Zionist question in a bit, but I just noticed a few points in Rosenblum's piece I couldn't ignore:

1. The whole point of the piece is how we should be nice, how he was mean to Heilman, how nice Heilman was, etc.- and then he included a parenthetical remark about how Heilman probably just despises him and doesn't want to deal with him. Oh, that's nice.

2. He mentions Sherer as being a model of civility. One thing I'll always remember about Sherer is that he contributed an essay to the second edition of The Sanctity of the Synagogue (it's in the third edition as well). Now, he could have written an article about Mechitzot, etc., like every else. But no, he had to take the opportunity to attack YU, the OU, and the RCA.

3. On Sherer's style: "On many occasions, that respect translated into concrete benefits for the Torah world on such bodies as the Claims Conference." Of course, the Agudah is well known for opposing any cooperation with non-Orthodox bodies, and attacking anyone who disagrees- but to get money out of Germany? (And, unintentionally I trust, create chillulei Hashem, as described in a Times column yesterday?) Money? The Agudah is right there, just as they're right there for Sharon for the same reason in the coalition talks going on in Israel now.

Hey, money makes the world go 'round. But don't make a point of acting sanctimonious about your values when you chase it.

On another note: Jains, members of a religious group in India, cover their mouths to avoid inhaling insects. A new chumra for the velt? Why not?

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