Thursday, August 26, 2004


So this morning, I only had a twenty with which to pay for the one dollar Forward at the stand I always get it. Guy wouldn't take it. So I went to the office, got change, and bought it from a machine. Guy's lost a customer, I think. Although I will miss the dog.

So speaking of the big story in the Forward, I don't see how it extends further than the schvuntz it's about. How does it touch on any organization? And what could they do? He wasn't doing anything illegal.

Meh, is what I say.

Outrage of the day? I've learned that Charedi papers give female author's only first initials, so nobody will know it's a woman. (Of course, if some people have first names, you gotta wonder about the rest. Unless there's a more misogynistic point being made here.) This is disgusting. At least if they didn't hire women, it would be consistent, if also wrong. But this...

Feh, is what I say.

I choked up a bit watching this video. I think the anchor did too.


The Town Crier said...

Dude, it's a tznius issue. They don't put the whole name for reasons of modesty. Its their cutom and practice, not disgusting.

Nachum said...

So why not do the same for men?

And if it's not tzenuah for a woman's name to appear, isn't it not tzenuah for her to actually be, well, *reporting* on a story?