Thursday, August 26, 2004

Here's a question to John O'Neill from a discussion at The Washington Post:
Mr. O'Neill, you are questioning the validity of medals awarded to John Kerry by the U.S. government. Aren't you also by implication questioning the competency of the medal eligibility determinations made by U.S. military brass? If so, aren't you in reality calling into question the authenticity of every medal awarded to every U.S. serviceman? If so, how do we differentitate the "good" medals from the "bad" medals?
"You can say what you want, but I won't stand here and let you insult the United States of America! Gentlemen!" [Walk out, humming "The Star Spangled Banner."]

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Sussman said...

Any "Animal House" quote is bound to make me laugh and smile.

From what I've read, the vets who attacked Kerry about his medals are wrong, and Kerry was wrong about being in Cambodia for Christmas in 1968.

Quite apart from those facts, Kerry "the war hero" favors a weak foreign policy. He is, to re-fashion an old phrase, "soft on terrorism". Vote for the Texas tiger!