Wednesday, June 09, 2004

This is a funny story. I especially liked this line:
“There’s, like, a huge disturbance on the other side of town! We need all the police!”

Speaking of lifestyles of the rich and famous: Yesterday, on the train heading in, two young women got on at 63rd and Lex. This is the Upper East Side, home of New York's upper class WASPs, and these were representative samples of such. Dressed just so, for June 8th, inflections just so (think of how J.D. Salinger's characters speak). Eventually, the (loud) discussion gets to whether they'll have off from work on Friday because the stock markets will be closed (because of Reagan's funeral). "Oh, I so hope we are!" says one. I'm expecting to be disgusted any moment, but she goes on: "My cousin is getting married in the Berkshires this weekend." And then come the kicker: "Oh, Mazel Tov!" says the other, and they go on talking about camps and so on. I love this city. Never what you expect.

If I can get a more regular sleeping schedule, I think I'll start showering in the mornings for the summer. Much better.

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