Sunday, June 06, 2004

Ronald Reagan has died. R.I.P. Do drop a note to the family of this great man and great president.

Well, among all the classy messages (leaving aside Kerry's subtle dig against Bush's stem-call policy), someone's got to be a jerk, right? So here's part of Danny Glover's statement: (I know, who cares? Who is he, anyway?) "We all know Reagan's legacy, from the Iran-Contra affair to the funding of the Nicaraguan military..."

Of course, Reagan didn't fund the Nicaraguan military. That was the whole point. But Hollywood? Brains? Did we expect better?

Someone at TWoP (a sophisticated European, I think) just criticized Reagan's worldview for being simplistic. Well, of course. That was the beauty of it. When you're dealing with a regime that's killed tens of millions, it helps to break things down simply.

What a great man. One story: When he was running for office, someone came up to him at a campaign stop and told him a group of kids from a school for the blind were there. So after the speeches were done, he escaped from the cameras (when any other politician would have killed for this coverage), went over to the kids, kneeled in front of them, and let them run their hands over his face so they could "see" him. That says something. As does eveything else he did.

Hmm. In other news, I made another call today, and will have to be patient for at least a few more days. I can manage, not that I have a choice. Fortunately, I have many other (very nice) things to occupy my time.

And in yet other news, it seems I should have held off on my post of Friday. Well, too late. Act surprised, y'all.


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