Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Summer in New York
Asphalt is getting sticky
Has Strand got AC?

Maybe I'll swing by tomorrow to find out.

"Classical Carlebach." I think they mean "Classic," which it isn't, anyway.

I think the Dome of the Rock is a test. As time goes on, it becomes clear that even if the power to redeem ourselves is in our hands, we still have a ways (in degree, and likely in time) to go psychologically before we do so- and before we should do so. If there was nothing on the Har Habayit, it's possible we would've rebuilt the Mikdash already- but are we really ready to have one? I'd hope so- and, halakhically, it may not matter- but the Dome sits there, proving that we still have issues. So by its presence, it keeps us from doing something we shouldn't, and if it is removed, that would be a sign that we've grown past certain mindsets. Some may argue that it's a political growth, but that's important too. And it may go hand-in-hand- or follow- a spiritual growth and increased belief.

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