Thursday, June 03, 2004

Hmmm. That post may have violated skbw's advice below. I'll have to learn to walk a fine line, I guess.

I guess it's a good thing (from a selfish POV) that I didn't get that email until I got back. I would have worried more there (not that I could do much here anyway).

So. (Copied from TWoP, mostly.) London rocked! Almost immediately after I checked in to the hotel, I dashed off to the pub and we had a TWoPCon. It was great! Well, maybe a bit much to drink; not sure of the protocol, I'm afraid I got drinks bought for me without doing the same for others. But people kept coming, and talking, and...good times. And a tape featuring our Fearless Leader and her consort was duly delivered.

Weather held up, so the wedding was outside and lovely. And there was a massive post-wedding reception (come to think, there was a pre-wedding reception too). And then came the my cousin Scott put it, "This isn't the type of wedding where they blow all the money on the shmorg and don't have anything left for a meal." Duck, people. Duck. (Among much else.) I don't know about y'all, but this is a big deal for kosher-observers. And a string octet. And champagn-ya, as Christopher Walken would say. And there was a sheva brachot the night after.

The aforementioned Scott talked about his "trifectas"- attending the brit, bar mitzvah, and wedding of each (male, of course) cousin. I promised him he'd get one from me, too.

It was great seeing the relations again. I'm finally starting to relate to cousins who are all "Oh, I remember when you were yea old" to me. I remember when lots of the younger ones were born. Hell, I remember attending the wedding of the parents of the groom (oldest of seven, second to marry). I'm getting old, kids.

All that and sightseeing! I even got my old Jack the Ripper guide on a Inns of Court walk. Again, good times. And now back to the grindstone. Maybe I'll have some more later. Photos are back, too!

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