Thursday, June 03, 2004

I'm baaaaaack!

London rocked. It just did. Let me dig up my TWoP post on the subject and copy it here. (Because I'm lazy. And jetlagged. I'm finally on London time, ironically.)

I was online a bit there, so I got to see the rather strange comment below. I also corresponded with someone who, I am advised by someone more conversant with Orthodox dating mores than I, I may soon have a "relationship" with (I hope). Upon getting back, I checked my mail to see if she wrote (affirmative- yay!), but among my other messages, I got quite the shock. Good thing I was dead tired or I'd have lain awake all night worrying. As it is, I dreamt about it, and spent a bit of time this morning making calls.

Consensus opinion among my buddies and on the aforementioned TWoP is that as frustrating as it may be to know little or nothing (I still am not sure I know the truth), in a situation like this, it's best to hang back. So a card it will be. I hate to sound mean, but I have to finally admit to myself that I...can't. I just can't. And through no choice of my own- it's not that I'm tired of it, but I literally cannot.

Damn. I just realized that that post made no sense unless I explain it offline. It's just of a nature that (especially if my [unfounded, please God] deep seated worries about the "real story" prove true) it's nothing I can publish online for the world to see. And I can't even get close enough to find out if those fears are true...grrrr. Deal with it, Nach, deal with it. Sorry, folks- I guess I just have to get it out of my system somehow.

Life offers more, thank God- much more. I hope I have a good excuse not to go to the Civic Association tonight, much as I'd regret missing it. It depends on whether I get a call. I hope so.

So: Why is it not OK for an inflight shopping magazine to show photos of the tobacco it's selling when they show photos of everything else? PC gone mad, I tell ya. But then again, PC always was.

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