Sunday, April 04, 2004

What a night. You start with losing an hour because of Daylight Time, and I still got to sleep late- and then the fire engines show up at around 3:30. There must've been at least six of them eventually, with all sorts of other cars and trucks. A house a few doors down (but not attached to ours) was on fire. It's still a mess out there- the block smells like smoke, and there are trucks and investigators and so on. There was one old man living there, and I'm not sure what else happened, or how he is. Anyway, it usually takes me a while to get started on Sundays, but today even later than usual. Yuck. (Not to sound callous towards those actually affected, of course.)

No idea what I'm doing the next two days. My boss mentioned that I could come in today, but I don't think so (there is a project to do). And I think Monday is out too. Maybe Chol Hamoed, but who knows? All I know is I have to write out a huge check to the IRS, mostly, I think, for Social Security I'm never going to receive anyway. Maybe I can get glasses. Or finally call this charming young lady. OK, the last I will attempt, at least.

What? A Lammpost with no rant? (Even though I could give a couple, believe me.) Yup, believe it. Later, folks.

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