Friday, April 09, 2004

Well, I just mailed out my taxes. Yeah, I feel all adult-like now. But it's money, people.

So. I got a real boost to my spirits today. Well, not that I really needed a boost to begin, but I feel a whole bunch better now. And all because of a trip to Federal Court. The weather is lovely (or was until now), with all that that means in New York, nudge nudge...hem. Moving along. The streets and trains are full of tourists having a good time, the architecture of this fine city is more awe-inspiring than usual, if that's possible, they were filming a Law & Order down by the court...all nice. And coming into the court, I saw that it was new citizen day. People were coming out, certificates in hand, taking pictures...I'm not the biggest pro-immigrant person, to put it lightly, but who can argue with new citizens, people becoming Americans? (Sometimes I think that even natural born citizens should say the oath, at least to themselves, every now and then.) It just brightened my day.

And now some looney City Councilmen want to, essentially, eliminate the very concept of citizenship by allowing non-citizens to vote. Don't these liberals have any respect for, at least, the language? A citizen votes. Period.

Ah well. Not gonna let that darken my day. Not gonna let anything darken my day, weekend, end of yom tov. Good times, all. And if I could link...nah. This is good enough.

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