Tuesday, April 27, 2004

One funny thing is that there were actually refugees from Lander there last night. Heh.

I was reading a review of a movie (now out on DVD!) about the Taliban (Osama) on the train today, and got a bit of a shock. The movie's about a girl forced to dress as a boy because of the misogynism of the Taliban. And who should step onto the train at that moment but two girls- couldn't have been older than ten- swathed in black chadors, the works. I began getting all upset- "You pull this s*** in my country?" I thought- before I noticed that they were actually extremely short middle-aged women. I further noticed that Westernism, as Theodore Dalrymple points out in the latest City Journal, creeps in despite all- one woman had a wedding band, wearing a poncho, etc. Well, maybe it'll take years. But the truth will always triumph (Ghandi?).

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