Friday, April 23, 2004

Ah, it gets more complicated. If only we didn't have to deal with these messy emotions, or with other people. Vulcan is the way to go, but then life would be so much less interesting.

I'd like to post a public apology to someone I know is reading. Furthermore, it's the old definition of teshuva- a promise not to do certain things again. Sincerely meant, and understood.

Quiet here, and, if I understand correctly, it will be for a while (days, that is). Three big elections next week, in Pennsylvania, Cyprus, and Israel. I get the feeling I won't like the results of any one of them. Ah well.

Carlebach davening tonight at the Barrises'. Yay! And an action-packed Sunday (well, as action-packed as it gets for yours truly).

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