Friday, April 30, 2004

The Times is always good for a laugh, or a cry:

-A group of Ghanans visit the New York State Assembly to see "democracy in action." Democracy? In Albany? They're probably better off in Ghana. In all fairness, the Times admits this. They're good on pressing Albany for reform, but don't suggest the two most obvious answers, of course: Term limits and kicking Sheldon Silver out.

-With all due respect to them (I mean that seriously), I've always found Mormonism cute in the way it lifts things from the United States. They're headed by a "President," their flag resembles the US', they revere the Indians...and today, we find out that while missionaries can't usually call home, they can do so on Christmas and Mother's Day. The presence of the latter is funny- a Hallmark holiday on the church calendar. And note- not Father's Day. Men are supposed to be made of tougher stuff, I guess. (Hmmm. Never noticed the names are in the singular before.)

-A Cuban baseball player who defected can't see his family, and a columnist, looking for a gimmick, frames his column as if it was an appeal to Castro (it seems he just stuck in the first person parts post-facto). I like (not) how he makes it seem the defection seem all about money. But what I really can't stand is how Castro is addressed as a reasonable man. He's a repressive, evil tyrant. It's time we stopped treating him as anything else.

-And then there's Holocaust money. Oy oy oy. I tell you, it was a mistake to take even one cent back in the forties and fifties. Now we have these...displays. The sheer chilul hashem, my God. Alas, there are probably many Jews who think this is a good thing.

Shabbat Shalom. Especially to one person who knows who they are- all the best, a good Shabbos and weekend.