Monday, June 11, 2007

Numbers Game

Via The Corner, this story from the Jerusalem Post:

Billed as a massive rally and the first national demonstration focusing on an
end to the Israeli occupation, a pro-Palestinian protest held on the Capitol
lawn Sunday afternoon drew upwards of 2,000 protesters chanting anti-Israel
slogans, waving Palestinian flags and calling for the right of return for
Palestinian refugees.

The sponsors, US Campaign to End the Israeli
Occupation, United for Peace and Justice and 300 supporting organizations...

Whoa. One of the organizers is quoted as saying that "she didn't want to get into a 'numbers game.'" Of course she doesn't. But with numbers like that, to quote Goldmember, "I doooooo!" Just over two thousand people from 300 organizations? That means each organization has, at its core, only seven members tops. Or you can say there's a lot of overlap in membership, but even so, two thousand is still pretty pathetic. Thank God.

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