Monday, June 11, 2007

The Nanny Hands Out Treats

Tuning into the news this morning (why? don't ask me) I heard one of the most disgusting examples of rent-seeking laid bare for all. Nurse Bloomberg, anxious to push another one of his social control schemes (all for our own good, of course, like it's any of his business) has now glommed onto the "congestion pricing" idea pioneered by Red Ken over in London. Public opinion be damned, the elites are all for it, and those that weren't before...

Well, proudly standing alongside Mayor Mike was Diamond Joe Crowley, the patronage king and Party Secretary for Eastern Queens. (No, you don't have to be named Kennedy or come from a small state to fit the Quimby mold.) Crowley (who, as a Federal Congressman, should have no business sticking his nose into a local matter, not that that's ever stopped anyone- and, of course, not minding your own business is the name of the game at City Hall these days) is all for the plan- after all, he's been promised two new LIRR stations (huh?) in his neighborhood! Also weighing the plan is the Westchester Executive, openly stating that he's waiting to see how much money he gets for Metro-North before he comes out in favor of it.

Oh, and speaking of rent-seeking, the seniors will get their discount, never worry, Hizzoner assures us.

Yeah, I know in my last post I boasted of my subway prowess and exhibited condescension to drivers. And yeah, I think people driving SUV's in metropolitan areas are publicly exhibiting their deficiencies. But that's all a matter of choice- something these socialists seem not to have a concept of, at least for the masses of peons they reign over.

UPDATE: When typing this yesterday, I remember thinking, "The only thing missing from this whole farce is an appeal on behalf of 'the children.'" Well, these people are reeeeeeaaaally predictable. I open the paper today, and sure enough, Bloomie is pushing the whole thing as a way to reduce asthma in...wait for it..."the children." And Silver is objecting to it primarily because, well, it won't. Ah well. Mitoch shelo lishma...

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