Thursday, June 14, 2007

I'm Brian Fellow!

Well, it's Flag Day. I have a pin in my lapel (good thing I have a jacket), and during an impulse trip to the dentist this morning (yeah, don't ask), I noticed that the hygienist's pick had a flag motif. Yay!

This story had me a little choked up. Isn't it beautiful? And this story, also about a sheep, reminded me of the story about the calf that ran to Yehuda HaNasi, no?

Eh, I love sheep. I think they're adorable. And yummy. Blame it on my name. Here's a non-sheep animal story. This's certainly interesting biologically, historically, sociologically, but I think the whole practice says something a bit negative about identity politics. Ah, probably not. I should be more sentimental about whales- and aboriginal practices, within reason- too, I guess.

Thus endeth Nathan Lamm's Safari Planet. Later!

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