Tuesday, June 21, 2005

You know life isn't so bad when, while you're on your way to Shacharis, a car passes you playing "Dragostea Din Tei"- and after all this time, you still feel like breaking out in a dance.

Speaking of Shacharis: Isn't it odd that certain portions (like at the end) were added just so there could be an extra Kaddish (or two or three or more), and now sometimes Kaddish is added when no one's really saying it because we say those portions?

OK. I'm a big sap. Check out this site.

Not for the easily offended- but laugh-out-loud funny. I wish I could find the page that focused only on old cereals.

I also wish IFilm still had Triumph insulting Jackson fans up. Now he's funny. Check out some of his other stuff there.

A Bad News Bears remake? Has Hollywood completely run out of ideas this summer?

Later, all! Off to a less-cold office tomorrow (perhaps).

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Sussman said...

The Rema (section 234) wrote "Don't say the Ashrei that we say before Mincha except when there is a minyan in shul, so that they can say kiddish on account of it . . ."