Monday, June 20, 2005

Note to self... time you eat Chinese, do it early in the morning, so you can sleep that night.

Well, the bro and sis-in-law are off to Merrie Olde England, after a lovely good-bye weekend (see above). And on the same day, the rabbi hands me, at Shacharit, a letter attesting to my "Israeli" sister's Jewishness. Sniff. They're clearing out, y'all. Keep in touch! Start photoblogging! (And today, I come across a document about flights to Manchester.)

The funniest line to come out of the various bouts of Democratic chutzpah (and outright anti-Semitism) of the last few weeks- you know the drill, say something outrageous and then blame the Republicans when they call you on it (lookin' at you, little Chuckie Schumer)- was RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman's reaction to ever-so-white Howard Dean's remark that the Republicans are "white Christians": "All the people at my bar mitzvah would be surprised to learn they're 'white Christians'!"

I just now noticed that Shavuot fell on 6/13 this year. Wow!

Isn't it funny that the "gossip" pages in Israeli papers are "rechilut"?

Some interesting links:

Ordinary mom and American Gloria Steinem. Sure, and I see "all my friends" in the movies too!

A very cool Tom Cruise. I wonder if it was staged, though.

Do people really find Jon Stewart funny? I've never seen him before I saw this clip. All I see is him beating an obvious point to death, a stunningly inappropriate punchline, and an audience that cracks up for no apparent reason. Jon Stewart moves his head, they laugh. He stands up, they laugh. "There is only one thing in the world worse than playing squash together..."

We rock. We truly do.

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