Friday, June 24, 2005

Barukh Dayan Ha-emet

Nahum Sarna has passed away. A great loss. Say something of his this Shabbat if you can.

Via Menachem (I do hope YU means YUdaica when they talk about this new book).

Of course, speaking of the kikes, they've come out (see the comments).

Speaking of my favorite J-blogs, see my comments here. I'm going to dan the author l'chaf z'chut and assume the rag's editor added the snide comments. But lay down with dogs...

On the other hand, I really don't like sites (not the two above) which have lots of Java. OK, we're impressed. But we'd like to load here. And why, when you stick a CD in a computer, doesn't a simple CD player pop up like it used to? Instead you get all these music download things, which only really work with fast connections. Bleah.

In other news, if Yahoo Mail wants to include headlines, they should update them. I'm getting tired of "Dead passes 1,700 mark." And why 1700? It's making me suspicious.

Finally, are the deaf now the "Deaf?"

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