Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Shoshana, in a comment below, mentions Jewish Geography. (By the way, Shoshana, say hi to Sivan- I didn't get to talk to her enough last night, alas.) I forgot to mention the wildest part of the evening:

I was seated at a table up front, by the screen. There were a bunch of guys at the table (mostly men throughout, come to think), many of them lawyers (we're everrrrryyyywhhhheere!). One introduced himself as Jay Ziffer, which sounded very familiar. Eventually, about halfway through the meal, I asked him where he works, and he said he works at a firm that handles jobs for the State Public Administrator (the people who decide what happens to estates). That's when it hit me- this is the guy who's handling the estate of our late old friend (actually my grandfather's last living talmid from the pre-war Europe days), Arthur Brill. We had a good laugh over that. Alas, it seems my family will be getting very little of what it's looking for. (We're not looking for money, but to give some tzedaka from the estate and the like.)

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