Friday, May 14, 2004

I met the mayor! Yay!

The meeting was packed, actually. Pat Dolan, bless her, ran a tight ship, and it came off very well. My brother had to leave after a little bit, but lots of pictures were taken by the Association's picture (and web) guy. Anyway, the mayor came with lots of important folk- the Police Commissioner, the Community Relations Commish (I went to college with him, and said hi), traffic and planning people, and others. Even Bloomberg's girlfriend was there, standing in the back. I thought that was nice- even said hi to her.

Anyway, he swore us in. I do believe he's getting a little looser and more comfortable in speaking. He basically gave a stump talk, but it was good, and afterwards, he answered all the questions posed. When he took a picture with Pat, I found myself standing right next to him, and so shook his hand and thanked him for coming.

Well, as Pat just put it in an email, let's hope some good stuff results from it.

Also, Brad and Jennifer Martin, my old NCSY advisors, joined the board. Nice! They're great people.

Speaking of great people, my cousin Craig will be here for Shavuot. Yay! Hope all goes well.

Hotel reservations are made.
Joey: London baby!

Chandler: Okay, 'cause that's not gonna get annoying.

Joey: (louder) London baby!!

Chandler: Hey, y'know what? I was wrong.

(Courtesy of the Friends archive.)

I keep promising to post about idiocy, and I never do, and the incidents of such keep piling up. Ah well. Maybe later.

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