Monday, September 26, 2011

The other day, walking home from shacharit, I saw that someone had painted the peace symbol, in bright blue graffiti, in two different places on the walls of the Kings Hotel.

I was already grumbling when I passed one more "tag": The Hebrew word for "revolution", in the same exact shade of blue, on yet another wall.

It must be nice being able to define all terms, so you can be in favor of "peace" and revolution at the same time. Oh, and be a vandal yet be celebrated as an "artist" by the New York Times.


Sam Lamm said...

True revolutions are usually bloody.
The American Revolution was a long and messy affair. Rare is true change against tyranny effected at the ballot box.

I think the current situation in Israel can be easily remedied through true free market reforms with the breakup of the cartels.

Shana Tova to you and Efrat,


Nachum said...

Well, Sam, it turns out that those are the recommendations of the commission appointed by Netanyahu. And guess what? The "protesters" aren't happy. Boo, hoo.

The American Revolution is perhaps the one example of a revolution that didn't lead to something worse. I think R' Sacks attributes it (and the English experience of 1688) to the English heritage and religion.