Monday, August 22, 2011

This is one of a series of videos in which Leonard Nimoy, speaking to a Star Trek convention, looks back on his life. Fascinating and funny- follow the links to watch the whole thing.

The funniest bit, for me? He's recounting a scene in Wrath of Khan and says, "Kirk says, 'Scotty, if we don't have warp speed in four minutes, we're all dead.'" And you can hear a fan distinctly say (correctly) "Three."

I love Trekkies. (One myself, of course.)

I liked this piece- I actually know the author, somewhat. I absolutely loved this line, though:
There are some presidents and prime ministers from other countries who have said things like “Israel has the right to defend itself.” No, it doesn’t. Israel does not have the right to defend itself. It has the m*********ing obligation to defend itself.
I actually always liked it when said presidents and prime ministers would say that. Now I realize how they are (inadvertently, I'm sure, and much as I'm still grateful) buying into the other side's narrative just by bringing it up. It occurs to me that the United States Constitution actually confers no rights- look it up. They are assumed to exist. To say they do is already accepting the argument that they might not.


reader said...

mazel tov on your upcoming wedding

Ha-historion said...

I liked the other Nemoy better..והמבין יבין
what is this i hear about a wedding?

Garnel Ironheart said...

1) Mazel tov

2) Little known fact: Spock is Jewish.
There are thousands of Star Trek novels out there but only a handful are considered "canon" in that their contribution to overall Star Trek history is considered authoritative. In one of them, "Prime Directive" Spock and Kirk go back in time to the early 21st century when Spock meets his great-great-great-grandfather who is returning from the funeral of his wife, Spock's materal great-etc-grandmother. Turns out she was Jewish!

Nachum said...

Garnel, the novel was "Strangers From the Sky," the second Giant Novel. It's not canon, especially as it's been contradicted by later episodes.

Got married, yes!

DF said...

haha! I went to the link where the writer says Israel has the m......cking obligation to defend herself, not merely the right. I was pretty surprised to see the site is written by a girl. Its not the language I usually see from the distaff side in print, even in these days. But, she sure did say it correctly.