Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The Most Important Things

Well, my birthday has come, and, in keeping with custom (I think- I can't find the post), it has not yet gone, although it was yesterday. I think this year I shall hold out for one more week- my Hebrew birthday, after all, is next Tuesday.

Well, said birthday has certainly shown me how blessed I am. My family- parents and siblings, near and far- all checked in through various communications media to send best wishes and more, and the Rakeffets joined us for a great lunch. My friends and work colleagues treated me to a bit of cheer as well. In what matters, I'm doing great. Who needs more?

Oh, and the week started off (on Tu B'av, in fact) with a wedding. At City Hall (well, technically the Municipal Building, but who's keeping track?), which actually let me witness about ten weddings in a half hour. And you know how I, the sap, reacted to that.

Anyway, congrats to Halcyon, the DH, and all the family! They were all so nice to me, I almost thought for a second that I was the guest of honor. :-) It was great being there, meeting them, at long last (we've known each other for quite a few years and only met in person for the first time last week), and sharing in the happiness. All good wishes for a wonderful life together!

Here's a photo of the new couple:

Ah, I'm in a photoblogging mood. Here are some more:

With Hal's parents. I'm sorry I didn't get such a good shot with the two shviggermuters (their word, heh).

The actual ceremony. I was offered a better spot, but didn't want to be too much in the way. I was trying to stay out of everyone's shots as it was. Anyway, I got a good angle of an amazing hairdo (Hal's- obviously not the hubby's):

And, after trying to stay out of shots, I was honored to be invited into a "friends" pic. (Credit: Hal's bro.)

Anyway, all good wishes to everyone, participants, readers, and the world at large. Happy Birthday!


Nancy said...

Thank you for posting the pictures of E's wedding. It was a pleasure to meet you, we were sorry that we didn't get to spend more time with you but thank you for coming.
NYC is a very interesting city but I have to say I was happy to return to my provincal OKC. We are having a party for E and the DH on Sept 1, we would love for you to come to OKC for it.
Keep cool!!
Nancy (shivvemutter SP????)

Halcyon said...

Thanks again for being there! It was really great to meet you. Just sorry you couldn't stick around for some cake and champagne!