Thursday, December 28, 2006

"Then what's that I smell floatin' down from the North-"

"-could it be the aroma of hy-pocrisy?"

Well, first things first. As that line would indicate, I finally got the 1776 DVD. Now, I've seen "Cool, Cool Considerate Men" before (on Broadway), and it's a great song, and I'm not in favor of censorship or anything, but I can definitely see why Nixon didn't like it. Maybe it's my imagination, but the goose-stepping and "heil"ing at the end are a bit much, and the National Anthem reference at the beginning is a bit uncalled for.

Anyway, the disc is great, highly recommended. Still haven't gotten to the special features, but that always takes me a while, if ever.

Now as to why I chose that quote: The aroma of hy-pocrisy is certainly drifting down thick from New England these days. Any other time, I'd say the Massachusetts high court decision not to require a vote of the legislature is an unexpected triumph of the rock-solid principle of separation of powers, etc. etc. But when it was that very same high court that ordered gay marriage in the first place- ordered, in fact, the legislature to pass it- stepping over its bounds in more ways than one- then this decision looks not only cowardly, but hypocritical as well.

Eh. The only branch of government in that state that doesn't come out of this stinking is the executive, in the form of Governor Romney, which, not coincidentally, was the only branch not to have anything to do with the mess in the first place.

Oh- good to be back! Mmmm, pretty new Blogger. Sometimes upgrades are worth it.

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