Saturday, December 30, 2006

Small Favors

God bless Gerald Ford, R.I.P. A great man.

But one thought occurs to me as I listen to his funeral- it's a good thing Richard Nixon (not to mention Pat) is dead and buried, or, to use the old Yiddish joke, all these references to how much Ford was "needed" after the...unpleasantness would've killed him. Kind of reminds me of Nancy Reagan's famous "Kinder and gentler than who?" remark.

Now I'm having uncharitable thoughts about other recent occupants of the Oval Office and any posthumous demands they might have. Ah well, history will judge.


mycroft said...

It is acharei mot kedoshim emor-I agree with general comments but one shouldn't forget that Ford was the first to call for a "reassessment" of US relations with Israel.

Nachum said...

I don't expect anything from US politicians regarding Israel, so I'm never disappointed.