Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Religion of Peace

Well, it seems like quite a few people are outraged by the granting of a visa to former president Khatami. Being a Normal-American, I'm pretty upset myself, especially by this idea that he has something to contribute to a discussion of cultures getting along- and in honor of September 11th, no less! Nor do I see Andrew Stuttaford's point here: It's not like he's currently in office, and, even if he was, I don't see what could be accomplished talking to these lunatics.

What really put the icing on, though, was this piece from Arutz-7:
When the chief rabbi began speaking at the closing ceremony, held on Tuesday,
the Iranian delegation, led by former Iranian President Mohammad Khatami,
stormed out of the hall.
Yeah, Khatami has a lot to contribute.

Note also this, from the same piece:
In his remarks, Rabbi Metzger expressed his disappointment that he could not
talk with some religious leaders because he was Jewish.
Which leaders would that be? The Buddhists, maybe? The Hindus? The Jains? Oh, I was around when Political Correctness got started (and am proud to say I published an article against it in my school newspaper back then), and now it's killing us. Witness this story out of California, merely one of quite a few we've seen recently: Dude's name is "Omeed Aziz Popal." Irish? Italian? African-American? Well, the San Francisco Chronicle won't be the one to tell you. The do mention, almost in passing- thank God for small favors- that he wound up trying to kill people in front of the local Jewish Community Center, but the PC that's killing us by a thousand cuts, and sometimes more, won't let them put two and two together. Hopefully someone- we all- will before it's too late.

Oh, one more thing: Palestinian journalists ask for protection from the PA. (Here, via here.) The kicker?
They also denounced the recent kidnapping of two Fox News journalists in Gaza
City and said those who carried out the abduction acted against the interests of
the Palestinians.

Hmmm. And if it was in their interests, it'd be OK?

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Liz said...

"...thank God for small favors- but the PC that's killing us by a thousand cuts.."

Great line by the way. Sorry to minimize global issues by finding the delightful whimsy in your written word.