Thursday, August 31, 2006

"Infrequent"? Moi?

A few weeks back, the OU emailed to tell me they'd be printing my latest missive to Jewish Action. To be perfectly truthful, I'd written it so much earlier I'd forgotten all about it. Ahhh, quarterly publications... But they printed it, and all thanks to them.

I'm flattered that Gil Student has seen fit to compliment the letter in a post devoted to it. Thanks, Gil! And in all honesty, I was going to post the next few items even before your remark about the infrequency of my blogging spurred me on further:

First, as regards yesterday's post, Schumer gets it, a bit. A very little bit. But not so bad, for a Democrat. Of course, he doesn't really make sense, but he's Schumer. (Go back to The Corner and see the other posts on this, though.)

Two comments caught my eye in the paper today:

First, there was a piece about how the WTC Memorial Foundation is appealing for donations through advertising. Now, I've seen these ads. I think they're disgusting, in and of themselves, not to mention the fact that the proposed "memorial" is simply disgraceful: Two holes in the ground. One can only hope that, like the tower, it will improve over time. Perhaps a big donation will get the ball rolling. For a fleeting moment this morning (well, OK, longer than that), my mind was full of one outrageous idea for a monument after another, most of them, inspired by Arne Darvin, quite offensive to our Mohammedan brethren. But you know what? We've proven that we can get it right; let's just apply moving and heroic on a larger scale.

Then there was a photo of some of the members of the polygamist cult whose leader was arrested the other day. They were said to be in "traditional dress" or some such. Well, the women were: They were in what looked like 19th Century or Amish-style dresses. The boys, on the other hand (poor kids, they'll probably be thrown out as soon as they hit their teens) were in plaid shirts and jeans.

Say what you want about the crazy stuff Chassidic men make their women wear (yeah, I know, they really like it, yada yada), at least they, the men, wear stuff that's just as crazy if not more. But this sect...and even more so, the Muslims: London is full of Muslim men and their women. The latter (sometimes clearly converts, God help us) are in the full get-up. The former? You only know they're Arabs from their color. Sometimes we Jews get it right.

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