Monday, March 07, 2005

Well, I avoided Central Park for as long as "The Gates" were up. They were supposed to come down last Sunday, so, walking into the Park yesterday, I thought, "Hmm. Construction." Nope, it was the Gates. My God, they're horrid. Even my previously-enthusiastic companion was underwhelmed, to say the least. Take 'em down already!

Over at Hirhurim, there's a bit of a debate on abortion, to which I've contributed. If I come off as being on the pro-life side there, well, it's because I am- but I have to say that the absolutism of Kathryn Lopez on National Review is really starting to unsettle me. A few weeks ago, she was all rah-rah about a woman who died rather than risk her fetus. And now, it's...well, see for yourself. Her buddy Dawn Eden is even worse (follow the link two posts up- you can see how Ms. Lopez obsesses). Much worse. In the former's case, it's clearly that die-hard Catholicism which not even her fellows share (K-Lo, for example, follows the party line in opposing capital punishment); in the latter's, it's clearly the old and tragic story of the Jewish convert to Christianity becoming frummer than the Pope.

Speaking of NRO, TKS brings up a disgusting remark from W. J. Clinton. All I have to add is this: Note how the ex-prez assumes that "progressive" in any context, even Iran, equals "Democrat." Ha. These people are fighting for things a world removed from partial-birth abortion.

As long as we're on the news, let's bring up this Italian bird, as Austin Powers would say. Let's just say the wrong person died in this tragedy- and if you know me, you won't be surprised by my saying that if we don't have a policy targeting Communists for extermination, we certainly should. (And if you're offended by that, well, look at this and tell me your reaction. Personally, I think it's distasteful, to say the least. Is yours any different?)

Seriously, of course she wasn't targeted or anything. I sense a bit of attempted rehabilitation of Eason Jordan here- "See, they do target journalists! (Erm, not that he said that...)"

The Times today runs a doozy on some blogger (oh, just a nobody, until you get to his family history and personal resume at the end) and his quest to make hay from the woefully underreported (HA!) Guckert thing. Once again glossed over is that it's the press themselves who make these decisions, not the White House. Me, I wouldn't put it past them to have granted this guy the pass just to make his point. And he's so surprised the MSM stood up for him!

Speaking of the Times, this looks like a nice move from YU. And considering what we used to go through with these things, this was a nice touch from Mr. Joel. (Also, check out the "typical YU family" here. Heh.)


Joseph said...

I don't think we should approve (or even disapprove of somebody else's disapproval) of the disposal of a fetus merely because it is regarded as imperfect.

Nachum said...

Sorry, I read the article differently. I didn't see "disposal," but I might have been wrong.

I will not back down, however, from stating that I think Ms. Eden was way off-base in the way she reacted. There are ways of saying things- like you did, Joseph. She didn't take that route.

Anonymous said...

Oy, Dawn. For years she dreys on about how voices of light carried her up to Jesus and relieved her depression -- EXCLUSIVELY.

Then The Faux Reprobate at the Observer pats her rump by proxy. Ms. Eden surrenders to even that level of attention and confesses to her faux date that she takes lithium. (Which was remarkable given her years of dining out on her personal salvation and her condemnation of psychology and psychopharmacy.)

Which makes her the salt of the earth in one specific sense. It also reveals the wee grand canyon in the soi-dissant petite powerhouse -- truth and fact with her are myth and secret.

Soi-dissant is a good word for her, either sweetly or venomously so. There's no distinction between the qualities. Both are manipulative as hell and poisonously deceptive. She has created a reputation for herself on her own say so. But the facts are wrong and the truths simply aren't.

But (oy, Nachum!) you paid attention to her. And that is her real drug of choice (as it is with all contrarians, monsterpieces of narcissism or narcissistic damage that they are. The world and God and everything it seems but lithium are just supply for her.)