Tuesday, March 08, 2005

I'll tell you the truth: This blogger is wrong in so many ways, and clearly, reacting to a bad upbringing (on my terms), has swung to the opposite direction while still, oddly, keeping all the old methods (that is, accepting modern theories blindly in the same way s/he was told to accept religion). But this smackdown...well, it's like a stopped clock. (Sorry, Gil, but the [wo]man has some good points.)

Ah, nuts. It's getting easier and easier to ignore that paper. (Notice a pattern, by the way? The Home section, not to mention much of the rest of the paper, is already...that way, and now...)

"Ah, nuts" again. Of course, it's the old government's own damn fault, but see what happens when every culture is treated equally? The really valuable ones disappear.

Finally, go Jonah!


Mis-nagid said...


Bad upbringing? Very presumptuous of you.

Blindly accept? Canard. I'm a skeptic before I'm an atheist.

How'd you like my Knowing Noach series? Part 5 soon.

Nachum said...

Hey, you won't find me arguing with the substance of what you say. You just strike me as someone who encountered the Documentary Hypothesis and decided to dump every vestige of religion and buy it hook, line and sinker. Not that there's no truth in it, but skepticism is called for even when examining skeptical views. JEPD is not on such solid ground that you should make a new religion out of it.

I'll comment about Noach over on your site.

Mis-nagid said...

I think you got that impression because that's what I've been blogging about lately. 99% of my blog is most definitely not about the DH. And yes, I'm skeptical about the DH too.

BTW, the whole "making something else a religion" is the intellectual equivalent of "I know you are but what am I."