Thursday, October 14, 2004

Israel, Baby!

Going to the OU convention! Yay! (And going to see Nechama! Double yay!)

Coincidentally, I've just heard that Steve Savitsky is the new president. I guess he'll be sworn in (or whatever) there.


Anonymous said...

is this "mission" convention actually going to accomplish anything worthwhile? or is it going to be another feel good trip to israel where ppl will say "oh wow" and "tsk tsk" engaged in silly photo ops, write about it in all the jewish papers, and resolve diddly?

Nachum said...

I have no doubt. Actually, I share your loathing of "missions." I thought this was simply the OU Convention, held every two years or so, being held in Israel, although I'm sure there'll be a "mission" aspect, which I won't go for. But I'm just planning on having a good time.