Thursday, October 21, 2004

A few links:

Funny, but oddly painful to watch after a while.

And here I thought Lincoln Chafee was immature. These are the lights of American libertarianism? What a bunch of whining, unsophisticated ninnies. From now on, I feel confident in saying I'm not a libertarian. Why, if my ideas match? Because I live on this planet, unlike these idiots.

Also very funny is this BBC video from Tikrit. (Thanks, Russ!)

Two observations (I'll post more later):

-Why does Canadian coinage mirror American so closely? Their 1-, 5-, 10-, and 25-cent pieces are the same size and color of their American counterparts. Go figure.

-Why do people feel obligated to say "Mashiv Haruach" and the like aloud? OK, you remembered. We're proud of you. Now can it. Maybe it helps once or twice, but at this point? Or Ata Chonantanu every week? Distracting.


Anonymous said...

licon chaffe is bad and zell miller is a saint?
bias bias bias

Penny said...

I assure you, of the times that I have davened Maariv at the end of shabbat, I've left out "Ata Chonantanu" many of them. The ones I remembered were usually because I heard someone saying it out loud first. You're thinking from the perspective of someone who davens every day.

Annoying sometimes? Yes. Helpful on occasion? Absolutely.