Tuesday, September 14, 2004


Political Correctness veered into the ridiculous almost from its inception. Here are two winners from today's New York Times. First, a piece about firemen takes pains to remind us, at least thrice and in twice circuitous fashion related to semantics, that there are now female firefighters (and incorrectly claims that minorites are a recent allowance). Yup, all two dozen or so out of thousands.

But the winner has to be the Times' explanation as to why the Arizona manager insisted on walking Barry Bonds over the weekend. Were you thinking it was because they were worried that he'd, well, hit a home run? Oh, no: The Times will have you know that it's because he's...wait for it...black! Of course, they have to concede that Hank Aaron is black too, but they're not quite sure what to do with that fact. Oh, of course: That just makes people hate Bonds because of his race more.


Nothing too bad, but still not for the easily offended.

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Tyrone Vitoff said...

That's pretty funny.