Wednesday, September 22, 2004

My first letter to Daniel Okrent

You know, your reactions to news of a bombing in Israel change drastically once you have a sibling living there.

Anyway, my letter to Mr. Okrent concerned this editorial. On consideration, I'm not so sure I even agree with the content of the piece- it may be bad taste to market this stuff, but the guy has a right to do it; furthermore, people just won't donate money as easily as when there's a goodie involved. Regardless, to quote my letter, "The headline chosen, however, is quite insensitive, considering the name of the "bad guy" in the piece. If I was in a less forgiving mood, I'd say it was downright anti-Semitic."

Do the Times editors know no literature or history? I'd hope so. But without a plea of ignorance, we're veering into Pat Buchanan territory (Richard Perle latching onto George W. Bush like Fagin onto Oliver Twist) here.

Ahem. I am now a "Stalker." Vehamayvin yavin.

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