Friday, October 31, 2014

Gishmei Bracha

Well,it's been almost two months- two busy months, of course, which explains why, but still two months without blogging. As I've said here before, I try for once a month at least, and had a whole list of things to write about- plus, of course, all my Facebook posts to repost here, for those of you who don't have accounts there.

But events provide me with something better! And so all those ideas and posts will have to wait, if indeed they ever get put up here...

Soon after I made aliyah, I made a comment about the rain, and my roommate (here much longer than I) flatly told me that precipitation in this country follows our tefillot and the chagim. I protested that sometimes the chagim are early, sometimes late, but he refused to budge. I'm sorry to say that I suspected some form of hyper-Zionism there, but whatever the cause, boy was he right. Last night we started saying V'Ten Tal U-Matar; today we're getting what feels like our first serious rain. (OK, Tel Aviv was a day early, apparently. :-) )You really do live the Jewish calendar, and feel the hand of God, in this land.

A blessed winter to all!

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