Sunday, January 26, 2014

Small world, or at least city

On Friday we went to have brunch with a friend of my wife's from "the old country" who's visiting. Said friend was a classmate of mine in law school, but I don't think had any idea I had made aliyah, married her friend, or would be at the brunch.

There were about six or seven other friends of hers there as well. As the meal progressed, we realized we knew all of them- separately. Because ten people live in this whole country. (And we know six of them.)

As we often must, to get there, we had to stroll through the "closed zone" around the Prime Minister's residence, next door to us.

The small blonde border policewoman standing guard at one of the entrances caught our eye. She went to her chair, drank some water, and then picked up a small book, sat down and started reading. "She's *davening*," I observed to Efrat. "I love this country."

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