Wednesday, July 31, 2013

July 31!

Wow! Less than ten minutes left in the month and I haven't posted! Well, it's been a busy time. The big birthday was today- multiple of 19, Hebrew/English nearly aligned- and my parents reminded me it's been 25 years since my bar mitzvah. (I actually was having fond thoughts of my bar mitzvah rebbe this week. Hopefully I can post more about him soon.) It's been a great week- layning on Shabbat, a karaoke party Sunday, a wedding Monday, a show Tuesday, and finally, today, after many great Facebook wishes and phone calls, a birthday buddy's party. (I discovered yet another one today- I have at least three, not counting Harry Potter and his creator.) All shared with my most excellent spouse, which only makes it all the better.

That's all for now, and let's all have a great year!

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