Thursday, June 17, 2010


This piece is incredible and disgusting. Melamed admits right up front that the haredim are simply discriminating against Sefaradiot, but then says (laughably) that everyone has to work to keep the government out of education. The article, of course, doesn't see fit to mention that he himself had a recent run-in over government recognition of his school; nor does it mention that in both cases, they want to have their cake and eat it too (i.e., that the government should recognize/fund them and yet allow them to do whatever they want).

Also troubling, of course, is the way that various groups see an obligation to defend the racists in this case just because they don't like other things the Supreme Court (or State) has done. Witness Arutz-7's refusal to condemn haredim for anything, or their constant use of "haredi-religious" to describe them.

By the way, I await with bated breath the day that haredim turn out to demonstrate for a Dati Leumi or Sefardi causes.


Halcyon said...

I heard this story on the radio yesterday. Where do you stand on the debate? For or against segregation?

Nachum said...

Against, of course. The whole system is screwed up.

Liz said...

This article didnt really come out and state "we dont want our kids with the sefardiot". Do you have a reference to another article that is a bit more clear on the issue? (I would love to make good use of such a piece with our own ongoing dilemma with Lakewood etc...)

Liz said...

Bingo! Found it: